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fishermen_isle's Journal

Fishermen Isle
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This is a role playing game, specifically an AU celebrity role playing game. This is just a place to have fun, we have no intention to hurt or insult anyone or cause harm to anyone.

isle_occ and isle_news

1. All players must be over 16 years old, because this game will have sexual content.
2. Make a journal and icons with the characters picture for your character; don't forget the disclaimer.
3. Update your journal at least once a month.
4. You can have more than one character, but you must play with others and not just by yourself.
5. This game allows slash and femmeslash, so don't join if you don't like it.
6. The game is played mostly in threads.
7. Post headlines MUST include DAY, TIME and PLACE, like this: Tuesday Evening Night Club
8. The time in the game will move forward much, much slower than in real life, so be patient and don't rush it; don't jump from morning to evening before afternoon is played, that's rude and inconsiderate to other players.
9. If you want to move to a different time of the day before others, you can play it in the character's journal, just make a link to it in your other post.
10. No discrimating against other players, we are all in this game together so let's play together.
11. No insulting or hurting plotlines, unless both or all players accept the plot.
12. Serious things like violence, accidents, rapes, death, abuse etc. must be approved by the mods and players that these actions are affecting.
13. If you find a storyline heading toward violence or abuse you did not plan and have not had approved, stop and contact one of the mods.
14. You must include your email/aim to the characters' user info or journal; that way other players and mods can get in touch with you.
15. Be as active as you can, there's no rush here; but if you're away for a while, make a post to the ooc community. If you know you will be gone longer contact your co-players in a thread or storyline, and work out how they can either write around your character or write your character out for now.
16. If for some reason you don't want or can't continue playing, please inform the mods or make a post to the ooc community.
17. Long posts and big pictures behind lj-cut; pictures are very welcome and links to internet sites associated to the post.
18. Read other posts so you know what's happening around your character/characters; maybe you come up with a linking plot line and want to share it with the others.
19. Make sure your character isn't in two places at the same time.
20. Couples/Threesomes/Roommates/Families are welcome to Fishermen Isle, just remember to play with other characters too.
21. When you join the game please use the form on the below of the info to make the introduction post to isle_occ.
22. Parties, book nights, sports events, meetings etc. are allowed, just make a post to isle_news; so players must keep on eyes on that community too.
23. isle_news is telling all the news of Fishermen Isle, so all announcements must be posted there, but make links to the main game site on your posts.
24. Please keep your character's journal updated, one update/month at least would be desirable.
25. Mail boxes like this are recommended, then others can easily get in touch with your character; make a link to your user info where it can be found.
25. Please follow the rules, we will all enjoy the game if we follow them.

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Applications to join the game must be sent HERE.

Fishermen Isle's map is here.


Players' Contact Info

Fishermen Isle is an imaginary island near the coast of Maine. The name of the island derives it's origins from the past. Fishermen Isle was the home and harbour for fishermen, they lived and worked there. A few fishermen still live in Fishermen Isle, but now it's home for other kind of people too.

Fishermen Isle is a combination of the old and the new. All around the year people are seen riding there bikes and smiling. Everybody knows everybody, some are friends, some can't stand each other. There's new villas owned by rich people and the older residents live in there childhood homes. The ferry comes twice a day, three times in the weekends . Morning it takes people to work and college in the main land and later it brings them back home. The ferries also bring supplies to shops whenever it's needed. During tourist seasons ships bring people to the isle to spend their holidays. There's increasing number of boats on the boat marina, most of them owned by the rich people who have recently found the Isle.

So the beautiful island residents include different kinds of people, there's entrepreneurs, tourists, families, single people, all sorts of professionals, artists, writers, singers, athletes and many others.

Modern reforms have also found Fishermen Isle. There's an internet cafe, recycle center, spa, movie theater and gym. Tourists, but also the residents enjoy the services these places are offering. There's lovely beaches, a beautiful old church, town hall and a lighthouse to see.

There's lots of other places to hang out too, restaurants, night club, pub and others. The isle offers places to hang out for younger people too. There's the sports and youth center, diner and the mall. There's lots of activities to do in the beach too.

Fishermen Mansion by the sea is a place to have birthday parties, wedding, anniversary parties, reunions and other special events. People can reserve the mansion at Town Hall. The Isle's newspaper's office is also at Town Hall.


mayor_cooper Chris Cooper-the mayor

mama_judi Judi Dench-owns the B&B

dom_purcell Dominic Purcell-a carpenter, owns the lighthouse

went_miller Wentworth Miller-a writer

island_jesse Jesse McCartney-a student

jon_tucker Jonathan Tucker-works at the school

The Form for Introduction Posts:
Character name:
Character birthdate:
(Age whether it's RL age or age in the game)
Character birthplace:
Writer timezone/location:
Writer aim/email:

and a short introduction of your character, thank you!